Jason has spent his entire career focused on innovations that remove disparity and allow mass adoption of cutting-edge products. At Stanford University School of Medicine, on the heels of the draft of the human genome, he developed several novel functional genomics technologies that were licensed into products. Jason was an early employee at Ion Torrent in 2008 and helped build the first scalable electronic bench-top DNA sequencer ultimately facilitating democratization of genomics. After Ion was acquired by Life Technologies, Jason co-founded ArcherDx and BabyGenes in 2013. Archer merged into Invitae in 2020 to improve access to centralized and decentralized molecular diagnostics across the cancer patient continuum. Over the last 2 years Jason has been exploring electronic biosensors and their capability to offer rapid and inexpensive molecular diagnostics, first as the CEO of Genapsys, and now Sequencing Health. Jason was a board director at Archer, BabyGenes, Invitae, Genapsys, and IsoPlexis. He is currently a director at Sequencing Health and an Independent Director at InterVenn and TwinStrand Biosciences.