TwinStrand DuplexSeq measuring MRD in AML


Duplex Sequencing offers an immediate solution for those in urgent need of in vivo mutagenicity data​

TwinStrand's Mutagenesis Service Lab partners with clients and CROs to run DuplexSeq TM studies for nitrosamine impurities​

Don’t wait for your in vivo mutagenicity data

Duplex Sequencing studies provide the Mutation Frequency (MF) data you need for mutagenicity testing and BMD modeling without having to wait for a TGR study.

Design your study today

TwinStrand now offers mutagenicity studies for nitrosamine impurities both in-house and through select service providers.


Duplex Sequencing has been successfully applied to nitrosamine testing. The Bercu et al. paper provides an excellent template for nitrosamine studies using ecNGS. The HESI position paper offers expert perspective on applications for ecNGS in nonclinical genotoxicity testing. More publications featuring nitrosamine and bridging studies can be found on the publications page.

Comparative dose-response study assessing the detection of N-nitrosamine (NDEA) exposure using ecNGS (Duplex Sequencing) and the TGR Assay​
A position paper on genetic toxicology applications for ecNGS written by members of the HESI Genetic Toxicology Technical Committee (GTTC) – an interdisciplinary group of genetox experts from industry, academia, and government ​

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