TwinStrand DuplexSeq measuring MRD in AML

Next-Generation Genotoxicology: Using Modern Sequencing Technologies to Assess Somatic Mutagenesis and Cancer Risk

Mutations have a profound effect on human health, particularly through an increased risk of carcinogenesis and genetic disease. The strong correlation between mutagenesis and carcinogenesis has been a driving force behind genotoxicity research for more than 50 years. The stochastic and infrequent nature of mutagenesis makes it challenging to observe and to study. Indeed, decades […]

Ultra-Sensitive TP53 Sequencing for Cancer Detection Reveals Progressive Clonal Selection in Normal Tissue Over a Century of Human Lifespan

High-accuracy next-generation DNA sequencing promises a paradigm shift in early cancer detection by enabling the identification of mutant cancer molecules in minimally invasive body fluid samples. We demonstrate 80% sensitivity for ovarian cancer detection using ultra-accurate Duplex Sequencing to identify TP53 mutations in uterine lavage. However, in addition to tumor DNA, we also detect low-frequency […]